mentored Features

Custom Mentoring Platform

The mentored platform provides one on one video and chat solutions that can be integrated and customized for your organization.

Built for the Cloud & Across Devices

Our secure cloud based solution runs on desktop, web and mobile so the one to one learning experience goes wherever you do.

Tools that Learners & Experts Love

One to one chat, video, white-boarding and collaboration tools that create an easy to use interactive environment for learners and mentors.

Track and Manage Engagement

Our analytics and CMS allow organizations to track performance of providers and learners and and enact on retention and improvements.

Custom Communication Platform

The mentored platform powers engagement solutions in multiple categories, adapting to any client's needs.

  • Enables fast, easy setup for businesses, organizations and schools to create engagement programs.
  • Facilities corporate training, upskilling, mentoring, coaching and community engagement.
  • Our college road program guides students through the college application process at affordable costs.

Built for the cloud & across devices

Mentored's cloud-based mobile platform allows people to build relationships and learn something new, wherver and whenever works for them.

Ubiquitous Hardware

Today's technology devices cross the cultural and economic divides for our learners and experts.

Data Tracking

Our cloud based solution means your program can grow fast to meet demand and be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Live & Asychronous Conversations

Engage via video, chat, text or call, and seamlessly upload photos and video.

Tools that Learners and Experts Love

Mentored's user-centric features bring out the best from every interation, extending and deepening learning between sessions.

Track and Manage Engagement

Mentored collects performance insights that demonstrate one to one engagement's real-time impact.

  • A closed loop environemnt ensures the confidentiality of every interaction.
  • Save and use each engagement session for quality assurance, expert evaluation and training.
  • Have an audible trail of actions on the system and examine usage statistics by each relationship.
  • Clearly see how learners progressing towards goals and how to improve the engagement experience.

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